Full Fledged Brewery

Brewhouse components were transported and forklifted into Full Fledged Brewing Company’s space on 40 Arena Way on Friday.

Trucks and forklifts were busy in the 40 Arena Way parking lot last week — busy ensuring Full Fledged Brewing Company is equipped to serve locally brewed beer to the Council Bluffs market.

In August, the city of Council Bluffs approved zoning ordinance changes to accommodate breweries. Owner Marshall Redmond said Full Fledged is the first brewery in Council Bluffs and has a brewing capacity of 1,800 barrels in a year, equivalent to 3600 kegs.

“We want to max that out soon and expand in the near future,” Redmond said, as forklift operators transported the steam-heated brewhouse components into his space Friday.

Full Fledged Brewing Co. is slated to open early- to mid-July, just in time for RAGBRAI, Redmond said.

Although brewing equipment is on-site, interior work has yet to be completed.

Redmond has been working on this vision for nearly two and a half years with a team of 15 business partners, he said.

Redmond and his wife, Dessie, moved to the area to be “closer to family” and saw the Council Bluffs area was “untapped.”

Dessie Redmond, a city planner for Lincoln, Nebraska, has been a backbone on the project, helping navigate planning, design work and color palettes, Redmond said.

“Her experience and knowledge in that realm has been invaluable,” Redmond said.

Established under the name Fundamental Brewing Company, Redmond recently changed the name to Full Fledged Brewery due to trademark conflicts. He said the name change didn’t interrupt the grand scheme of his project and that other changes have also taken place.

“We wanted a destination brewery outside of city limits, but those plans didn’t work out,” Redmond said. “That’s when we found this location.”

Working with Paula Hazlewood, the director of Advance Southwest Iowa Corporation, Redmond said the transition from having a backland destination to a brewery within city limits was smooth.

“They did their research and came in with a good, solid plan,” Hazlewood said. “The farm setting didn’t unfold, but we hope this brewery is the firework to ignite to more businesses in the Mid-America Center entertainment district.”

Full Fledged will not be serving food, but Redmond said the brewery has plans to work with local businesses on catering, events and food trucks.

Redmond’s business partnerships comprise various skill sets such as professional engineers, contract lawyers, CPA, commercial real estate developers and marketers.

“It’s amazing. We all love beer,” he said. “I have a few recipes finalized, the rest are in my head and need to be on paper.”

Full Fledged is slated to open in July, according to Redmond.

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