Full Fledged Brewing Co. is making history as the first craft brewery ever to bubble up in Council Bluffs.

Officially, the brewery at 40 Arena Way opened in time for RAGBRAI, but a private launch party was held to celebrate on Monday.

“When we opened, we didn’t have our brew, it wasn’t even commissioned yet, so we started with local guest taps,” said manager Iesha Conley. “We had an average of 100 beers an hour.”

Full Fledged Brewing Co. has since expanded their drink list offering five of their own craft brews including: Council’s Kolsch, Floyd the Barbarian, NanaBerry Hefe, Hefeweizen and Keepin’ On Saison.

These were made possible by one of the owners, Marshall Redmond, who doubles as a brewmaster.

Marshall brings 17 years of experience to Council Bluffs and includes local options in his tap selection.

“We want to cover the spectrum of beer and not specialize in anything in particular so we can do our best to have something for everyone,” he said.

Friday night, the brewery held a private launch party offering a drink, tours, photos, and a silent auction — which brought more than 100 family members, friends and supporters to the new brewery.

“It’s a way to say thank you to investors, thank you to the people who helped put tables together, and thank you to staff for stepping in and tackling RAGBRAI with zero training,” Conley said.

Conley joined the brewery’s staff with eight years of experience. From the table to the growlers, Conley said she was impressed by Full Fledged’s planning and decision making.

She said the company’s main focus will be to take care of the community and offer the best to them.

“I want people to come here, have fun, enjoy great beer and be part of the community,” said Conley.

So far, Full Fledged has hosted a school supply drive and Back to School Bash — the brewery is equipped with toys, games, books and TVs.

The brewery is open as a community space, and to support the community, said co-owner Dessie Redmond.

Discounts are available for military and first responders.

“We want to give back to the community and be a place in the community where everyone feels welcome to come in and enjoy a beer with us,” Dessie said.

An event room is available for booking larger events — family reunions, birthday parties or baby showers — free on Tuesday and Thursdays, and available to rent Friday and Saturday.

“If you haven’t gotten into the craft beer scene, we started with a couple of pretty light craft beers, really easy drinking,” Dessie said. “We want you to come in and try our product and enjoy yourself.”

A grand opening is planned for October, but the exact date has not yet been determined, Marshall said.

Full Fledged is closed on Mondays and open Tuesday through Thursday 4 to 10 p.m., Friday from 3 to 11 p.m., Saturday from noon to 11 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.

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