Dillard’s Clearance at the Mall of the Bluffs is closing soon.

Corporate officials said Thursday a closing date for the Dillard’s Clearance store at the Mall of Bluffs is undetermined.

A store associate initially said the store would close Aug. 3.

“It’s hard to predict how quickly the store will sell through the merchandise,” Julie Johnson Guymon, corporate spokesperson, said in an email to The Daily Nonpareil.

Currently, the store is running closing specials through July 25. Customers can save an extra 50% off ladies, junior, children and men’s apparel and more.

Concern for the store closing is due to “tripled” property taxes over the past few years, Johnson Guymon said.

“We continually review our stores’ productivity,” she said. “While we tried to work with county and city officials, no workable solution was presented.”

Dillard’s paid $58,678 in taxes for its property at the Mall of the Bluffs in tax year 2017, nearly doubling from the year before at $24,798.

This year, the value of the property was assessed nearly $547,000 more at $2,077,500, estimating upcoming taxes at nearly $94,000. Because of the increased value of the property, tax prices have more than tripled from its 2016 tax year, according to the Pottawattamie County Assessor.

“Unfortunately, this situation contributed to the closure of the store,” Johnson Guymon said. “We are thankful we can offer our Council Bluffs associates continuing employment in our nearby Omaha location.”

Dillard’s opened in the Mall of the Bluffs in November 1988 and became an anchor store that was built onto the existing mall space. At the time, the 105,000-square-foot store was the second Dillard’s in the metropolitan area.

After the Council Bluffs location shuts its doors, the closest Dillard’s in the area is Oak View Mall in Omaha.

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