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Two Oakland businesses are hosting a grand opening block party on Main Street on June 13 from 4 to 7 p.m., celebrating new business and economic growth in Oakland.

TiNik Inc. and Advanced Southwest Iowa Corporation are leading the charge — having invited many other businesses to join the party, including Nishna Heritage Museum, J.P. Lumber and rural Pottawattamie County restaurants.

TiNik, a custom truck equipment company, started in 2008, but moved to its new building at 135 Main St. last May. Vice President Niki Ford said she wanted to wait until they had a showroom to celebrate a grand opening.

“We supply and install truck equipment and accessories, anything from safety kits to cranes. A majority of our product gets shipped throughout the country. People always ask me what we do, and this will give everyone an opportunity to see what we do,” Ford said.

In February, Advance Southwest Iowa Corporation opened an office in Oakland at 118 North Main St. for Shalimar Mazetis, manager of rural development, and — like TiNik — she did not have a grand opening celebration right away.

“All of the other businesses in downtown Oakland are going to be open, and we will have displays from Jennie Edmundson, Mercy and OmniTel,” Mazetis said.

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Mazetis said OmniTel will have a “fully restored” Delorean time machine from Back to the Future on display.

“We want to invite as many people to downtown Oakland as possible. It’s a good time to highlight what’s going on here. It’s been purely remarkable,” she said.

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