The new owner of the former Perkins lot at 3250 S. Expressway is making moves — with plans to expand his Omaha-based internet car dealership.

Building where the long-time restaurant — which closed in June — will be an 11,000-square-foot building that will house The Internet Car Lot’s second location, but the first in Council Bluffs, owner Josh Eveloff said.

The Internet Car Lot is tentatively opening summer of 2020, Eveloff said.

Eveloff’s idea came about he bought a car off of the internet, drove it for a year and sold it for more than he paid over the internet.

“My friends and family started asking me to do for them, too,” he said. “And we have just grown it.”

Eveloff started the business in 2005 with his brother, Justin, who has since left the company.

“We became a licensed dealership, which gave us access to auctions, proprietors and options,” he said.

In January 2018, Eveloff moved his car lot from 84 and F Streets in Omaha to 7150 P Circle — a space that holds up to 500 vehicles.

The Council Bluffs location will hold about 200 cars, he said. As of Tuesday, his business had 480 cars in inventory.

“Our business is typically in this four-state area, a lot of people make a trip out of it and drive four hours to save thousands of dollars,” Eveloff said.

Eveloff didn’t imagine that type of success when the business started — selling cars from the internet locally, across the country and overseas.

“The internet connects everyone,” he said.

“We saw that Perkins was closing, but it wasn’t listed for sale yet. We reached out to the owners, worked with the city, it was a natural fit to expand to Council Bluffs. There’s a lack of pre-owned car dealerships here and I think we will do well,” Eveloff said.

Eveloff was born and raised in Council Bluffs and graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1997.

“Council Bluffs is a community. I’m excited to be apart of it again. It’s good to put a store back into my hometown,” he said.

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