Not everyone gets to work with their father for 10 years.

That’s what Jerry Schmitz said as he reminisced on the history of his barber shop at 1114 Woodbury Ave., which will close and relocate mid-August.

Soon to be a new Taco Bell restaurant, Schmitz said the company contacted him about the space and the two entities came up with a leasing agreement.

Jerry’s Barber Shop will close Aug. 15 and reopen nearby at 1040 Woodbury Ave. on Aug. 20.

“I’ve been here for 25 years and worked with my father for 10 years. A lot of the change around here has been good for the community and I’m glad I get to stay in the area, only moving two doors up,” Schmitz said.

Since the announcement, Schmitz said customers have brought up memories of the past and his father. Schmitz said he’s cut three generations of hair since the shop opened on Woodbury 35 years ago, two years before the Mall of the Bluffs opened in 1986.

“We still get new faces, but there’s a lot of history here. All the guys have talked about it,” Schmitz said. “My father was located on Bennett Avenue for 19 years before this shop. It’s kind of neat ... I’ve given first hair cuts to people who are having children of their own and I’m cutting their hair, too.”

Next to the barber shop, eight-year tenant Dennis Daugherty, director of Ancient Wisdom College of Massage, has plans to relocate, too. He said the move is a win-win for the both of them.

“You have to have options. In talking with Jerry, we came to the agreement that it is the perfect opportunity for him and us,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty made arrangement for the school to move to 427 East Kanesville Boulevard next week, but classes will be held at another location for the remaining students.

After this semester, Daugherty said he is discontinuing classes and plans to develop continuing education for licensed therapists.

He said he will still be working with his regular clientele.

“Jerry’s been a great landlord,” Daugherty said. “The new police office behind us gave us a little bit more traffic, which is great for business. It’ll be beneficial for everyone to have another option for food.”

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