Tawanna Washington of Omaha

Tawanna Washington, 39, of Omaha, purchased her $50,000 winning Iowa Lottery ticket on her way home from church on Thanksgiving morning. She said she was too excited to eat holiday dinner when she realized she had won.

OMAHA — A Nebraska Pick 5 lottery ticket worth $226,000 sold in South Omaha this week hasn’t yet been claimed, but an Omaha woman is giving thanks for a $50,000 winning Iowa Lottery ticket she bought on Thanksgiving morning.

The Pick 5 ticket, for the Tuesday drawing, matched all five winning numbers: 09, 17, 20, 21, 37. It was sold at Bucky’s BP, 2223 South 24th Street, in Omaha. Thirty-two other winning tickets were solid across the state that matched four of five numbers. Those are worth $450 each.

Nebraska Pick 5 is a daily drawing that involves matching five numbers between 1 and 38. The odds of matching all five are 1 in 501,942. The jackpot starts at $50,000 and increases by $4,000 each day if no ticket wins.

The last winning Pick 5 ticket was sold Nov. 16 in Wausa. That ticket, worth $60,000, hasn’t yet been claimed, said Neil Watson, a Nebraska Lottery spokesman. He said prizes over $20,000 must be claimed at Nebraska Lottery headquarters in Lincoln.

Tawanna Washington of Omaha claimed a $50,000 prize last week in the Iowa Lottery’s Triple Play game.

Washington, 39, told Lottery officials she and her husband, Will, bought three instant-win tickets on Thanksgiving morning at a Speedee Mart near Harrah’s Casino in Council Bluffs, right after attending church services.

Will checked them when they got home. She said both were shocked when her husband discovered one was a winner.

“He was just in there holding the ticket. I said, ‘Did I win?’ He said, ‘You did!’ And then we started screaming,” Washington told Iowa Lottery officials. “I don’t even think I ate on Thanksgiving.”

She said she plans to use the winnings to invest in the family’s used-car dealership, buy Christmas presents and invest in their daughter’s college fund.

Meanwhile, jackpots continue to grow in the two big interstate lottery games. The Mega Millions jackpot has reached an estimated $340 million (or $230.8 million for the cash option) after turning over without a winner since the Sept. 27 drawing.

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