After 15 years of running tailoring and alteration out of the Mall of the Bluffs, Nami Gannon moved her store Nami’s Tailoring and Alterations to 20 Power Drive, Suite 3, near Sam's Club in the Manawa Power Centre.

Nami’s Tailoring and Alterations was one of many businesses that had to relocate after the mall was purchased by Menards in 2019.

Gannon announced her relocation via Facebook. She said:

“Hi everyone! We’ve been busy moving into the new space but wanted to check in and say hello and Happy New Year to our wonderful clients ... We will miss the Mall of the Bluffs, but we hope our clients find this store just as easily.”

She thanked her brother, mother and husband Fred and other family members for their support and help with the move.

“It was not easy, especially with the winter and holiday. It didn’t give us enough time to find places and work there still, but we made it,” she said.

Gannon’s family helped in various ways. From finding the new location, moving equipment, setting up two changing rooms and handrails, Gannon’s daughter Jeanette Pavkov said it was all hands on deck.

“Even the kids were organizing the threads and it was fun putting it all together,” Pavkov said.

Accessibility and parking was one issue they kept in mind while searching for the new location, she said.

“Before, it was cumbersome getting in and out to visit her (Gannon),” Pavkov said. “Now we can hop in and out visiting her store.”

For customers continuing to support Gannon and now traveling to the new location, she wanted to say thank you, and that she is thankful for clients and customers.

“You really have become an extension of my family over the years,” Gannon expressed online.

New shop hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and closed Sunday.

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