In a survey from Express Employee Professionals, the company revealed one third of individuals seeking jobs have held their current job for less than three years.

More than 200 employees through the Express Job Journey site were surveyed and more than 200 business leaders were surveyed for these results.

Across the country, Express franchise owners reported an increase in turnover as relative recent hires moved to better opportunities in different companies.

“Due to the rapidly escalating wages in Council Bluffs and surrounding southwest Iowa communities, we are seeing an increase in employees actively looking for new employment opportunities,” said Jim Myers, owner of the Council Bluffs franchise.

“Retention is not just about the base compensation. We encourage companies to look at other benefits that can be offered such as flexible schedules, performance bonuses and reward and recognition programs.

The most important factor for retention is leadership at all levels – demonstrating that the company really cares about the growth and development of its people.”

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Additional key data points found include:

  • 24% of business leaders said the average tenure at their companies were 5-10 years, while 18% said 10-15 years, and 11% said 4-5 years
  • 24% of job seekers said they have been with their current companies for 5-10 years
  • One percent of job seekers said they have been with their current companies for 1-2 years, 11% said 2-3 years, and 9% said less than one year
  • 11% of job seekers have been with their companies more than 20 years

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