At Studio K-Fit, members rarely sit or stand still while working out, whether that be with cycling, kickboxing, strength training or other exercises.

They used that same energy and enthusiasm to find a new location after being given notice to leave to the Mall of the Bluffs by the end of 2019. Studio K Fit was a mall tenant for 10 years, but opened at 301 McKenzie Ave. in early January.

“When I broke the news I had to leave and broke down in tears (my fitness family) said we’ll help you and fight with you,” said Kristen Rock-Reid, owner and operator of the studio.

One difficulty the group shared was moving to a new location on short notice. Under that time frame, limited locations are available, some not available at all, or were unfit for the needs of the studio.

However, working as a team, K-Fit members and staff got everything moved and set up at the new location.

“I’m so glad Kristen found a new place to call home for Studio K-Fit. Her passion and love for what she does shines through in every class,” said member Carol Ward.

Studio goers showed support and offered the use of their family trucks and trailers for the move. With this support, the move was finished on the same day, Dec. 28. The new location was up and running on Jan. 3, nearly five days later.

Rock-Reid said she’s excited about the move, especially because her landlords want to help improve the space.

“We’re still fighting, we’re still standing and going nowhere,” she said.

Compared to the mall, the new space is slightly smaller, at 3,700 square feet, said Rock-Reid. However, that hasn’t slowed anyone down — clients followed Studio K-Fit and owner Rock-Reid to the new location.

The studio offers fitness bootcamps, work out classes and other programs with weights and more.

However, the instructors and their philosophy to leave worries at the door, also bring clients back to work out.

“It’s a positive place where I can leave the stresses of life at the door, and I feel so much better when I leave,” said member Ashley Wells.

Activities are typically scheduled at either 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. Monday Through Friday. A special 2020 session will also be offered Saturdays beginning this weekend and ending June 6, a special of 20 sessions on Saturday for $20.

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