VFW plaque presentation

Veterans, family and co-workers attend the plaque presentation honoring Council Bluffs attorney Joe McGinn, who died in 2017. Mary Lou McGinn, Joe McGinn’s wife, on the right side of the plaque, accepts the award at McGinn office.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars honored the work of late attorney Joe McGinn Friday at McGinn, Springer & Noethe PLC in Council Bluffs.

Veterans Russell Slate and Brad Powell presented the posthumous lifetime recognition award to McGinn’s former wife, Mary Lou McGinn.

This was a posthumous lifetime recognition award provided by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

“With great honor, we present this to you,” Slate said. “Joe was one of a kind. Hang it with pride.”

The group spoke on Joe McGinn’s life and work, recalling moments when he would meet with veterans for work.

“Joe supported all of the veteran service organizations very much, and he was always there for us,” Powell said.

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The plaque read: “A call to service — Joe McGinn — in recognition of ‘Joe McGinn’ for 59 years of Public Service and fighting for those who couldn’t fight for themselves.”

A photograph of Joe McGinn was centered on the plaque while his service logos decorated the bottom. The four logos represented the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans.

“I just appreciate the fact that they recognized what he did for the veterans,” Mary Lou McGinn said.

The plaque will be showcased in the office of McGinn, Springer & Noethe PLC in Council Bluffs.

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