As it turns out, the journey from a serene Iowa courthouse
square and its familiar trappings to the modern atmosphere of
Silicon Valley is but a short, friendly stroll.

At least if
you live in
Jefferson, Iowa.
Congressman Ro Khanna joined Iowa GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds in a tour-de-force bipartisan
show of support for the recent opening of Accenture’s Forge — a nationally recognized
branch for computer software technology in a $1.8 million renovated 1880s building on
the northeast side of the downtown. Khanna, who represents Silicon Valley in Congress, is
working to bring even more digital and tech-driven jobs to rural Iowa.
“I think when the history of America’s technology leadership is written, they are going to mention Silicon
Valley, but there are going to be two additional chapters — they will talk about John Atanasoff who invented
the first computer in Ames, Iowa. Now, there’s going to be an additional chapter. They’re going to talk about
Jefferson for having cracked the code for technology for rural America. What’s you’re doing here matters a
lot. It seems like so much is off in our country, so much is negative, so much is divisive, and you’re offering
this country a model of hope. It’s helping stitch us back together because the tech companies aren’t here out of
charity. They are here because they recognize you have people with great work-ethic values, who have a great
education with an extraordinary community college system.”
— Congressman Ro Khanna in Jefferson

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