It's prep football playoff time. Be sure to make your selections on time! The second-round deadline for picks is 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 1. To make your picks, click here. Click the Play Game link on the site. Select Week 11 to make your second-round prep picks. You can make your selections for the Week 10 four college games at any time until 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 30, by selecting Week 10.

Are you ready for some football? and are offering two football contests this fall.

Click here to sign up for the Dirty Dozen - 2010 Nonpareil Football Challenge!

The Daily Nonpareil is offering a new online contest for fans of local high school and college football. The first night of games included in the contest is Friday, Aug. 27, and the contest will run through the week of the finals of the Iowa high school state football championships.

Registration is free and prizes courtesy of our sponsors, including the Iowa Blackhawks, will be offered for the weekly winner and the overall contest winner!

For more information, visit the contest site., which includes The Daily Nonpareil's Web site, is offering area residents the opportunity to compete in the 2010 Pigskin Picks pro football contest.

To enter, log on to and click on the Pigskin Picks link or visit the contest site and click on the Play Now link. This year's Pigskin Picks kicks off with Minnesota vs. New Orleans on Sept. 9.

Each week entrants pick the winner for each pro football game up to 15 minutes before it is scheduled to start. A competitor's worst four weeks are tossed out so only the best 17 weeks count toward the entrant's overall score for the entire 21-week contest.

Anyone signing up for the contest after week 5 will be behind other competitors in the overall season standings, but late entrants can still win prizes for an individual week. Prizes will be announced soon.

If entrants don't make selections, the computer will select the most picked teams for you that week.

Also, the contest has several special features to enhance the competition.

Entrants have the opportunity to create a "private group" of friends and family to compete against in the contest. After registering and logging in, click on "My Private Groups" which will appear in the upper-left hand corner of the page. After the page loads, click on "Create a Private Group" and follow the instructions.

Players are able to view a leaderboard to see where they stand.

In addition, a second contest, the Pro Football Regular Season Survivor Game, is being offered. If you pick correctly, you'll advance to the next week. However, the only catch is that in future weeks you can't pick the same team again. If you're wrong you'll still be in the pick'em game above, but you're out of this game for the season.

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