It was a bit like the game show “Supermarket Sweep” on Saturday for 6-year-old Reese Gradoville, but the first grader wasn’t shopping for herself at Hy-Vee. She was there to help the needy.

Reese was the first-place winner of The Nonpareil’s Save Carl the Turkey contest and received a $100 gift card to the grocery store. (Find her turkey, along with the other winners, on Page 13A.)

Instead of wanting to go shopping for herself, Reese told her mother and father, April and Jake Gradoville, that she wanted to put the money toward providing some holiday cheer to the less fortunate.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated,” Reese said before pushing her cart — adult sized — through the aisles to peruse toys and food the family plans to donate to Mohm’s Place during dinner Sunday.

Into the cart went Hot Wheels, coloring pens, stuffed animals and Play-Doh. Soon followed cereal and fruit as Reese made her way through the store.

April Gradoville was quite excited for Reese when they found out she had won the contest. She was even more surprised when Reese told her parents she wanted to do something special for others.

“Her dad and I are so proud,” April Gradoville said. “It was her idea.”

Reese’s mother added that the girl is the oldest of their four children and is already setting a positive example for her younger siblings.

“We raised her the way my husband and I were raised,” April Gradoville said. “We hope that continues.”

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