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Ready for magic to amaze you?

Magician Mike Super, a winner of NBC’s TV show “Phenomenon,” and competitor on “America’s Got Talent,” will perform on from 3 to 5 p.m. Sept. 29, at The Arts Center at Iowa Western Community College, 2700 College Road.

He is the only magician in history to win a live magic competition on primetime U.S. network television and be voted America’s Favorite Mystifier, according to the Council Bluffs Convention & Visitors Bureau website,

Following his television performances, Super told The Nonpareil he’s been blessed with a perpetual tour performing magic.

“It’s a completely interactive show that’s family friendly,” said Super. “You can go and bring your kids and you’ll enjoy it as much as your kids will.”

The spirit Desmond is expected to make an appearance, but Super assures this and other acts should not frighten the audience.

“I’ve been interacting with Desmond since around 6 years old. It’s basically my imaginary friend who I sort of manifest on stage. It’s kind of cool,” he said. “It is intriguing, but not scary. You can bring your 2 year olds or you can bring your grandparents.”

Super will perform familiar acts seen on TV and new acts with some help from the audience.

“We’ll be doing some new stuff and some of the magic on America’s Got Talent,” he said. “The whole show is interactive, and we choose (audience members) a lot at random.”

Super described this audience participation as similar to improv because he never knows what to expect from an audience member chosen once on stage.

“We do a show where it’s very audience dependent. I’m surprised every night. Everyone reacts to things differently, and when they’re on stage, they are unpredictable,” he said.

After performing for celebrities, audiences in all 50 states and multiple countries, Super said he found that being amazed by magic really unites people.

Super said he looks forward to amazing audience members in the Bluffs, and suggests anyone interested come to the show.

“There will be comedy, music, sentimentality and a full range of emotions,” Super said. “If you are at all curious, you should come see it.”

Tickets are between $25 to $35 to attend.

For more information, contact The Arts Center box office at 712-388-7140.

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