Ruvane Kurland’s album “19” was released on July 19.

Council Bluffs native, singer and songwriter Ruvane returns to the Bluffs Sunday, August 18 at Ditmars Orchard & Vineyard at 19475 225th St.

This is only one of the 12 stops on his tour after the completion of his ninth album “19” released July 19.

The musician and now Ohio resident, full name Ruvane Kurland, said he toured the country for over 20 years, but Council Bluffs proved a great influence in his latest album.

“Through my travels over the last year and a half, I’ve had the chance to write lyrics from Portland to NYC and Austin to Nashville,” he said. “I wrote some of my favorite songs in the midwest, including a track called ‘The Bluffs,’ that I wrote while spending time hiking and meditating in Fairmount Park last summer.”

The new album was titled ‘19’ as Ruvane wrote the songs in 19 different cities, including Council Bluffs.

He said he also liked the number.

The album was primarily recorded at the Atmosphere Room, Ruvane’s Reynoldsburg, Ohio studio.

“July 19 was my birthday, and I thought that would be a fun time to release an album called 19,” Ruvane said. “It also made for a really fun birthday party.”

A party at Big Room Bar CD102.5 in Columbus, Ohio, was held on the album’s release date.

Music was written by Ruvane accompanied by a “few” guest musicians.

“I worked with quite a few guest musicians on the album and they brought unique flavor and texture to the album, even in recording, I couldn’t have anticipated,” he said.

Over a dozen guest musicians were on the album including: Travis Toy (Rascal Flatts); Jimi ‘Jazz’ Prescott (G. Love & Special Sauce); Mark Boyce (G. Love & Special Sauce); Brian Fechino (Pat McGee Band); and Arkadiy Gipps (Madonna).

“I’m excited for people to hear it, considering I learned music in the area (Council Bluffs) and cut my performance chops there. I always look forward to returning to the area to share my music I hope people will love,” he said.

With a fondness for Council Bluffs, Ruvane always tries to have the city on his tour schedule.

“It’s nice coming home and watching how the city grows and changes while still sort of remaining the same,” he said.

The Sunday event in Council Bluffs is free and open for the public to attend.

Two events that were scheduled in Omaha, Aug. 15 and 16, are cancelled.

For more information on Ruvane’s music or tour go to ruvanemusic.com/.

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