Three University of Nebraska alumni showing together for the first time were showcased in Eclectic Eye Candy, an art show Friday night at the Harvester Artist Lofts.

Artists Brenna Nielsen, Patty Talbert, and Sarah Selders had the idea after Selders was featured in a showcase at the Harvester Artist Lofts.

“I think it’s kind of a fun show, with a little bit of something for everyone,” Nielsen said.

She preferred eclectic shows as it was like offering different channels of television with the variety of art styles.

“I’m an impressionist artist so most of the artwork I have here is in the impressionist style,” she said.

Nielsen had multiple art pieces to show including various takes on feathers, crows and a sunflower.

Recent work was inspired by dreams where she had the idea of incorporating specific colors, feathers, crows and flowers like poppies with a stained glass look.

She kept with the theme of eclectic and also brought commissioned work that Nielsen said could be mistaken for a different artist.

She enjoyed those commissioned pieces comparing them to a puzzle.

“I kind of feel like I got to put all of these pieces together, only I’m putting all of these little lines together instead of cut out shapes,” she said.

The majority of art Nielsen brought were created with acrylic on wood, although some were acrylic on canvas.

Talbert also used acrylic on wood, although her style differentiated as batik inspired.

“Batik can be described as very labor intensive. It’s a lot of steps,” she said. ”I figured out a way to take those steps and reduce them in ways I’m using acrylic paint.”

Traditional batik is like a stamp using wax to create a pattern out of the straw to use on fabric or other surface.

Her artwork showcased multiple colors with patterns nearly looking like fabric on the wall.

As a resident of the Harvester Artist Lofts, Talbert helped form the idea of having a show at the building.

“With me living here, it made it easy for me to support them by having a show,” she said.

Talbert also spoke on supporting community members by nailing up signs of positive affirmation in North Omaha.

These signs offer sayings like: smile or be happy.

Talbert would also like to bring these signs to Council Bluffs, although she pays for the signs out of pocket.

Selders performed music at the gallery and had multiple pieces of artwork showcased.

She performed with guitarist Ron Greer from Bellevue as the Travelin’ Light Band for the first time after over a year.

“My husband passed away in 2006,” Selders said. “I did one last painting and didn’t paint any more.”

Selders said she met a friend who inspired her to start painting again and make peace with death.

Her art now represents her making peace with death and loss.

“It’s been a tough long road but I’m getting back into life and art because art is life,” she said.

Most of Selders work consisted of Instant coffee on paper or acrylic on canvas.

She had originally had the idea for using instant coffee as a type of water color at UNO, although she started experimenting with it more recently.

“I discovered by accident by trying to experiment with different household everyday items,” she said. “I was taking a watercolor class, and I was behind on my assignment notebook on doing experiments on everyday items to create different effects with watercolor.”

Her teacher had seen tea and brewed coffee used before but not instant coffee.

Painting with instant coffee takes knowledge of watercolor techniques, Selders said.

She will present a demonstration of painting with instant coffee at the Harvester Artist Lofts Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

A gallery showcasing the same three artists work will be held Saturday from noon to 7 p.m. at the Harvester Artist Lofts.

This gallery will remain until Sept. 14.

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