Brandon McCall

Brandon McCall is a year-round athlete, and he wants to take that involvement into high school.

Brandon, 13, is a Council Bluffs native who was born at a hospital in Papillion, Nebraska. He is a seventh-grader at St. Albert Middle School. He’s been a part of the Falcon and Sainte community since kindergarten. Having spent most of his life at St. Albert, he said he’s enjoyed the tight-knit community at the school. He said he’s made many new friends throughout the years there.

“You see these bigger schools and there are just so many people,” he said. “I know everyone in my class by name.”

Brandon is dedicated in and out of the classroom. He spends a lot of time on the silver honors list, and he said he is aiming for the gold honors with a 4.0 GPA next year. He spends a lot of time competing in sports across all seasons. Brandon plays football and basketball, and he is currently in the middle of soccer and track season with baseball on the horizon. He is also a member of the school choir and is involved in the drama department. He said it’s sometimes tough juggling so many activities with his school work, but he said he enjoys keeping busy.

Outside of school, Brandon said he loves spending time with his family. He has a penchant for magic, and often performs card tricks. Being a big fan of sports, he said he also loves sitting around to watch whatever big games may be on. He said he’s been following the NBA Playoffs and wouldn’t mind seeing Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors make a run.

With summer break just around the corner, Brandon said he is looking forward to a couple of Kansas City trips in the coming months. The choir is taking a trip to Worlds of Fun and he is also planning a separate trip back down to KC for a Royals game.

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