Maya the macaw

The bird will most definitely be the word with Maya the macaw and her feathered friends Sunday at The Grass Wagon.

Maya is a 25-year-old Bolivian blue and gold macaw owned by Michelle Mutchler-Burns of Council Bluffs, fundraising advocate with the Greater Omaha Cage Bird Society. Mutchler-Burns has served in many of the society’s offices, including president, for nearly 25 years. Mutchler-Burns adopted Maya through the society in 2005. Mutchler-Burns said that before adopting, the bird basically lived as a piece of “wall art” in a couple’s Omaha home. She said Maya was completely unable to be handled; but after three months of working with the bird, Mutchler-Burns said she got her acclimated to being socialized with and handled. About 15 years later, she said their bond has grown immensely.

“She loves her mom,” she said.

Several species of colorful cage birds like Maya will be on display and for sale this weekend during the 2019 Spring Bird Fair at The Grass Wagon. Along with the live birds, vendors from across the Midwest will be on-site selling bird food, toys, accessories and more.

“It’s going to be a very colorful scene,” Mutchler-Burns said.

The 2019 Spring Bird Fair runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Grass Wagon, 110 S. 29th St., on Sunday. Adult admission is $4 per person. More information about the event and the organization can be found at greateromahacagebirdsociety.org.

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