Henry Powell

Henry Powell is ready to get his last year of high school rolling.

Powell, 17, was born and raised in Council Bluffs and he just started his senior year at St. Albert High School Friday. He was a student in the Lewis Central Community School District until his eighth grade year, when he transferred to St. Albert. Having spent the last four years at the school, Powell said it’s a been a very welcoming atmosphere at the home of the Falcons and Saintes.

“It’s been really good,” he said. “I’ve made quite a few friends here. It’s a great environment.”

Powell had a busy summer working at Christy Creme, where he’s been working for the past three years. He said the summer heat led to slinging several frozen treats to the community. Having been a member of the Christy Creme family for so long, Powell’s had a chance to taste most of the menu.

He said his go to treats are the apricot and peach sherbets when they’re available. He said he’ll be working until the burger and ice cream joint closes for the season in November. Powell also took a family trip to Mackinac Island in northern Michigan over the summer.

It’s good timing for his work sabbatical, as Powell will start his final year on the varsity bowling team around that time. He’s been bowling for quite some time, mostly at Thunderbowl, and has been rolling for the Falcons since his freshman year.

Powell said he’s ready to take on his final year of high school and wants to wrap everything up nicely to make for a smooth transition into college. He said he will be attending Iowa State University next fall, but he isn’t quite sure what his field of study will be. He said he is leaning towards something in the computer science or engineering fields.

“I like the idea of designing new things for people to experience,” he said.

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