Jasmine Shields

Jasmine Shields, along with many other students and staff with the Council Bluffs Community School District, is stepping into a new world at the district’s Madison Campus this fall.

Jasmine, 11, is a Council Bluffs native who attended College View Elementary School. Jasmine starts her middle school journey soon as a sixth-grader at Kirn Middle School. However; she won’t be taking classes on North Avenue this school year as the building is going through renovations. The school will be housed at the district’s Madison Campus at Mall of the Bluffs. The former Target building was transformed into a learning space that will house Kirn for the 2019-2020 school year and Wilson Middle School the following year during its renovation period.

Jasmine said she is a little nervous about making the transition to middle school, but said she will be taking on this new adventure, and school space, alongside her friends, which will help make the getting used to a little easier. Jasmine said she is interested to see what the Madison Campus will look like and how it will operate. She also said she is excited to get into a higher level of athletics, and is eager to play volleyball and basketball. She said she wants to continue athletics in high school, as well. She said that an earlier final bell during middle school will allow her to finish homework earlier so she can take part in more extracurricular activities after school.

Jasmine said she’s had a fun summer break. Her family recently went on a trip to Mexico near Cancun. She said it was all sun, sea and sand during the vacation. She said they rode dolphins, viewed sea turtles, swam with manatees and hit the beach numerous times.

Jasmine was also doing a little learning over break and finished her final day of the GenCyber summer cybersecurity camp held at Wilson. She said the students attending learned about online safety and practiced coding and engineering by building robots from kits.

“It was really fun to meet new people and learn about technology, which, in the future, we may be using a lot more than we expect,” she said.

The school year is beginning soon, and Jasmine is going to enjoy the rest of her summer while it lasts, including taking a camping trip with some friends.

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