Kaleb Carey

Kaleb Carey is having fun this summer, but he is also ready for new adventures in school this fall.

Kaleb, 9, is a Council Bluffs native. Kaleb and his brothers Chris, 11, and A.J., turning 5 next week, recently joined The Crayon Playhouse, a childcare center that has been operated at 1014 N. Broadway by Teresa Young for the past 33 years. Yesterday afternoon, a group of kids from The Crayon Playhouse had some fun in the sun as the Council Bluffs Fire Department hosted a hydrant party just outside their door at the corner of North Broadway and Oak Street. Kaleb said it was his first hydrant party of the summer, and he had fun splashing around with his siblings and friends.

Kaleb said his family recently adopted a puppy, a 2-month-old German Shepherd named Sky. He said he’s enjoyed playing with her and taking care of her so far. He did mention that he could do without cleaning up dog poop, but he knows that it is part of the responsibility of pet ownership.

Kaleb attended Bloomer Elementary School, but is transferring to Hoover Elementary School this fall. He’ll be entering the fourth grade, and he said that while he is nervous to be starting school in a totally-new location, he is also excited to make new friends and meet new teachers.

School starts back up soon, so Kaleb is going to enjoy the rest of his summer break while it lasts.

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