Liliana Torres

Liliana Torres is getting an early start on her road to helping others for a living thanks to the Certificate Advancement Program at Iowa Western Community College.

Torres, 17, was born and raised in Council Bluffs and is a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School. She attended Rue Elementary School and Kirn Middle School before arriving at A.L., where the school year started Tuesday morning. However, earlier this week, Torres was spotted in a medical terminology class at Iowa Western’s Ashley Hall.

Torres is part of the Certificate Advancement Program, which allows Council Bluffs Schools juniors and seniors a chance to work toward college credit and certification in various career fields. She is currently enrolled in the college’s health science program. She said by next semester she will have a certified nursing assistant credential.

“This is a great start for my future, for sure,” she said. “I’m really excited.”

Torres said she has several friends and family members in the healthcare field, and she said she’s always wanted to follow in their footsteps with a career in taking care of others.

“I just have a passion for people, and I want to help,” she said.

With just one year left in her high school experience, Torres said she is both excited and nervous about graduating and taking the next step in her life. She said she plans on attending Iowa Western to continue her nursing education.

Torres has a lot of plans for the future, but she said she is going to savor the present while she still has time with her Lynx family. She said she’s looking forward to some cool fall nights and cheering on the sidelines with friends at A.L. football games.

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