Lucy Scott

Lucy Scott is getting ready for the school year with a fresh haircut.

Lucy, 13, is a Council Bluffs native, and she’ll be entering the eighth grade at Lewis Central Middle School Monday morning.

Like many students across the city, Lucy hit the salon for a back-to-school hairdo. Lucy is a client of Alice Johnson, owner of Beauty Operators at 156 W. Broadway. Lucy said she’s been seeing Johnson for years and loves her work and personality.

Lucy is a fall and winter athlete, playing volleyball and basketball. She said she’s been busy with volleyball practice and is ready for the season to begin. Lucy said basketball is the sport she is most passionate about. Along with playing in L.C.’s program, Lucy is also a member of the Team Factory club basketball program in Omaha. She said she doesn’t watch much pro basketball, but she always roots for the Iowa Hawkeyes during college hoops season.

Lucy is a year away from high school, but she said she isn’t putting much thought into taking that next step just yet. She said she is focused on the now; however, she said she will be excited to play sports at a higher level of competition in high school, noting the success of the L.C. girls volleyball and basketball programs.

Lucy had a fun summer with her friends and teammates. She said she enjoyed shopping and hanging out in Omaha’s Old Market. She recalled feasting on pasta at Spaghetti Works, as well as having other tasty meals downtown.

Her Team Factory family also made two trips to the Twin Cities in Minnesota for basketball tournaments. Lucy had a fun, busy summer, but now she’s ready for school year, and sports seasons, to begin.

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