Stephen Allen and Rocky the cat

We’re in the dog days of summer, but Stephen Allen and Rocky the cat spent a rainy day inside Midlands Humane Society yesterday.

Allen, 24, was born and raised south of Seattle. He later moved across the river from Council Bluffs, where he attended Omaha Central High School. After high school, Allen enlisted in the U.S Navy. He served for four years and then moved to Long Island, New York, where he spent two years.

During his time in New York, Allen volunteered at a cat shelter. It was then that he realized he wanted a career in helping animals. He recently moved back to Omaha, and he is beginning his career at Midlands Humane Society. He’s been employed at the shelter for the past two months working as a kennel technician. With summer cat season in full swing, Allen is plenty busy making sure felines and dogs alike are getting their kennel spaces cleaned and stocked with litter, food or water, all while giving them attention with socialization. He also monitors the health of animals waiting for the adoption floor and communicates with the veterinary staff when he sees animals displaying symptoms or abnormal behavior. He says there’s a special something about working with so many different animals on a daily basis.

“I just love being with the animals,” he said. “I mean, they’re usually better than a lot of people out there. There’s no drama. They’re really cool to hang out with.”

And Allen said he is also enjoying his time with Midlands staff. Having been on a number of different teams and groups across the world while in the military, he said he knows a good crew when he sees one.

“I’m loving it here,” he said. “I have a good understanding of who I like to work with, and it’s perfect here. This is the best job I’ve had.”

More information about fostering, volunteer and donation opportunities can be found at midlandshumanesociety.org or by calling 712-396-2270. Updates and other information can be found at the Midlands Humane Society’s Facebook page.

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