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Clifton Anderson

Clifton Anderson has been volunteering at CHI Health Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs for the past 21 years. He volunteers both in the Same Day Surgery waiting area as well as in the hospital’s gift shop.

In Same Day Surgery, he assists the medical staff and helps escort patients after being discharged. If a patient is staying overnight, Anderson will take their personal belongings to their new hospital room.

In the gift shop, he volunteers as a gift shop clerk. Volunteer Services Manager Lisa Gronstal was quick to note that his sales in the gift shop are usually some of the highest amounts as a result of his outgoing personality and charm. “He’s a born salesman,” she said.

Anderson said he began volunteering at Mercy because his mother suggested it.

“I enjoy meeting people and helping people,” he said.

“Cliff is a very personable person and has a friendly and cheerful personality,” Gronstal added.

Anderson added that he enjoys working on Guild projects, especially gift shop activities and other fundraisers.

“Clifton volunteers at least four days a week,” Gronstal said. “He’s always willing to help out and fill in where we need him. He’s very good at training new volunteers and showing them the ins and the outs of volunteering in the hospital.

“Most staff, including nurses and doctors, know him by name, and everyone enjoys talking with him. Cliff is a very friendly and outgoing person and has a heart of gold.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at CHI Health Mercy Council Bluffs Hospital, call or email Gronstal at 712-328-5394 or

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