Javareon Henderson

Javareon Henderson has been doing plenty of summer exploration over break.

Javareon, 12, who goes by J.V., was born and raised in Council Bluffs and will be an eighth-grader at Kirn Middle School this fall. He attended Roosevelt Elementary School prior to middle school.

Javareon and several of his friends and peers trekked across Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium all day Tuesday as part of the Council Bluffs Community School District’s Camp Summer Explore. Tuesday was the second day of the program’s second three-week session. Javareon has been participating in the program for the past three years.

“It’s great seeing all my friends and learning and experiencing new things,” he said. “It’s been cool going to places I’ve never seen before [at the zoo], like the Asian Highlands.”

Speaking of experiencing new things, Javareon took a “trip of a lifetime” to the Bahamas with his grandma and uncle a few weeks back. He said it was an amazing trip, complete with beach fun, colorful sights and plenty of tasty food. He said he enjoyed taking a glass-bottom boat tour, where he saw coral reefs and plenty of tropical sea creatures.

Javareon said he is ready for his last year of middle school. He said he is excited for high school and beyond; but for now, he will cherish the time he has left with his Kirn family.

“It’ll be great to be with my friends, learn new things and spend some time with all of my old teachers while getting prepared for the next step,” he said.

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