Jaxson Pauley

Jaxson Pauley‘s shirt says it all.

Gaming makes him happy, and he’s been doing plenty of it over his summer break.

Jaxson, 14, is a Council Bluffs native, and he’ll be a freshman at Thomas Jefferson High School this fall. He attended Walnut Grove Elementary School before it closed, and finished at Bloomer Elementary School. He spent the past three years at Wilson Middle School, and he said he’s enthusiastic about starting high school.

“I’m pretty excited,” he said. “I’m looking forward to new experiences in the classroom and making new friends.”

Jaxson said he’s going to enjoy taking elective classes related to fields of study he is intrigued by. Computer science, technology and engineering are areas Jaxson is passionate about, and he said taking these kinds of courses in high school will help shape his career path for college and beyond.

During the summer, Jaxson can be seen frequenting Teen Central, the second-floor oasis for middle and high school students at the Council Bluffs Public Library. He said he enjoys hanging out with his friends and peers and sitting back and doing some gaming. He said it’s nice to be able to have a space like Teen Central for people in his age group to have a good time at. At home, Jaxson said he mostly games on a Playstation 4 and Xbox One. He’s involved with a number of titles currently, and he just finished the new “God of War” title.

Jaxson is keeping it cool this summer as he gets ready for things to heat back up when school begins.

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