Marilyn Protaskey

Marilyn Protaskey will celebrate her ninth year of volunteering at CHI Health Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs this month.

“After 21 years of banking and two years of staying home, it was time to get out of the house,” she said. “I enjoy being with people and helping where I can.

“The first three years I helped in the Procedure Department. My duties were to help patients to their cars, take patients’ clothes to their room and help with the needs of waiting family members.”

Protaskey has been on the Guild board for the last six years, serving as president, vice president and funds chairman. As a Guild member she help with projects, including luncheons, bake sales, Premier and Spring Fling sales.

“I am a clerk in the gift shop and help with displays, something I’ve done for five years. I go to market with our manager and director of volunteers to buy merchandise for the gift shop,” she said. “I love working in the gift shop and helping the customers.

“I have made some very good friends at Mercy and have lots of fun without our projects. Our projects are a lot of work, but working with the other volunteers makes it fun,” Protaskey said. “Volunteering has given me back as much as I have given.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at CHI Health Mercy Council Bluffs hospital, call or email Lisa Gronstal, volunteer services manager, at 712-328-5394 or lisa.gronstal@alegent.org.

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