Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones may just be in middle school, but he has his eyes on the future.

Nathan, 12, is a native of La Vista, Nebraska, and has been living in Council Bluffs the past few years. In the fall, Jones will be a seventh-grader at Wilson Middle School. He attended Carter Lake Elementary School prior to middle school.

Nathan said he’s been enjoying his time at Wilson. He is an avid reader, sometimes keeping up with three books at a time. He said he is looking forward to high school so he can take elective classes that suit his passions. Nathan said he wants to take music, technology and business classes when he is a student at Thomas Jefferson High School in two years.

Nathan has a passion for business and wants to work for himself someday. He said he is dreaming of owning and operating a bakery. Having recently gone vegan, Nathan said he would strive to create recipes for every dietary need. He said he has family taste test his non-vegan creations to help him perfect his recipes.

Nathan said he’s been having a fun summer. He was spotted hanging out with friends at Teen Central, the second floor oasis for middle and high school students at the Council Bluffs Public Library, yesterday morning. When he isn’t hanging out in the air conditioning at Teen Central, Nathan loves going for a swim. His brother, Izzy, is in town from California this month and the two have been making a splash at Pirate Cove Water Park.

Nathan is ready to learn more to build a brighter future, but he’s having fun and relaxing this summer before he gets back to business.

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