Anthony Carman

Anthony Carman is relaxing with gaming this summer as he prepares for the beginning of his high school journey in the fall.

Anthony, 14, is a recent graduate of Wilson Middle School and will become a Yellow Jacket as he enters Thomas Jefferson High School in a few months. He said he isn’t particularly nervous about taking the next step in his education and life. He said he is glad that so many of his Wilson friends will be joining him at T.J., which will help make the transition less nerve-racking. Anthony said he is excited for the new freedoms and responsibilities that come with getting older. He said he’s eager to get a job and learn how to drive a car.

Anthony was spotted at the Council Bluffs Public Library Wednesday afternoon, where he was socializing and playing video games on computers with his sister, Layla, who is visiting from the other side of the state this summer. The two were hanging out at Teen Central, the library’s second-floor oasis for middle and high school students. He said his visits to Teen Central have been infrequent lately, but he said he enjoys having the space to do things by himself or with his friends and peers.

Anthony said he plans on putting in some time with the Digimon video game series, titles which he has put several hours into. He is currently playing Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, among other titles. Anthony and his sister were playing the popular Roblox game at the library yesterday.

Anthony has a lot of time ahead of him before adulthood, but he is already thinking about careers. Carpentry is something that has intrigued him, and he said that having elective classes in high school like woodworking can help him get a feel for the trade. Thinking more outside the box, he said he has dreamt of doing voice acting for a job. Fortunately for him, the library’s makerspace has an audio recording booth for him to get some practice in.

Before all of that, though, Anthony said he is ready to enjoy his summer and have some fun.

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