Chloe Franco

Chloe Franco’s shirt isn’t lying.

She is a force of nature.

Chloe, 6, lives in Council Bluffs, and she’ll be a first-grader at College View Elementary School in the fall. She is currently in the middle of Camp Summer Explore, the Council Bluffs Community School District’s six-week summer program. There are 291 first- through fifth-graders enrolled in the elementary program, which is being held at Bloomer Elementary School this year. Reading instruction is one of the top educational missions of the program, with a goal of improving student reading skills in the district. Fun, educational field trips are also part of Camp Summer Explore, with students visiting places like Midlands Humane Society, Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha and the One Step Garden at the West Broadway Hy-Vee.

Chloe is a bubbly, energetic young lady, and it showed earlier this week when she was enjoying time with her friends and new peers at summer school. Pumping her fists in the air, she exclaimed how much she loves to dance, and that she gets to do plenty of it when she gets a chance to watch music videos on YouTube.

Chloe said she is excited to experience the first grade this fall. She said she can’t wait to learn and explore with her new teacher, Mrs. Thomas, and meet new friends. She said she loves science and wants to learn more about animals. She, of course, is also ready for some fun during recess.

But there will be plenty of more fun for Chloe to have this summer before school starts.

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