From left, Evan Richards, Ella Richards and Josie Costello

From left, Evan Richards, Ella Richards and Josie Costello did some window shopping at the shelter Monday afternoon.

Evan Richards, 9, is a student at Glenwood Elementary School and will be a fourth-grader next fall. His sister, Ella, 11, will be a seventh-grader at Glenwood Middle School. Their cousin, Josie Costello, 12, will be a seventh-grader at Westside Middle School in Omaha. The three are enjoying their summer vacation and spent the day in Council Bluffs with their grandma, Julie Richards, and Evan and Ella’s mom, Heather Richards.

The three cousins are part of Julie Richards’ eight grandkids. She said whenever they visit her they always stop by Midlands Humane Society to spend some time with the animals. Evan and Ella said they don’t have any pets at home, but they want them. Evan said he likes cats because of their cuddly nature. Ella said she likes dogs more because of their playful energy. Josie has two dogs in Omaha, a King Charles named Sunny and a Black Labrador named Jack. She said she wants a cat, but her dad is allergic so that won’t be happening anytime soon.

The three cousins have just started their summer adventures and can’t wait to enjoy some more together. They said a lot of camping and boating is in store.

More information about fostering, volunteer and donation opportunities can be found at midlandshumanesociety.org or by calling 712-396-2270. Updates and other information can be found at the Midlands Humane Society’s Facebook page.

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