Jazmin Martinez Rangel

Jazmin Martinez Rangel is ready to take her education, and athletic career, to the next level in high school.

Jazmin, 14, is a Council Bluffs native and an eighth-grader at Kirn Middle School. She attended Bloomer Elementary School from kindergarten through the fourth grade and spent her fifth-grade year at Longfellow Elementary School before arriving at Kirn. Today will be the final day that Jazmin will walk the halls as a student at Kirn, and she reflected on her time at the school Tuesday afternoon.

“I mean, I feel like I’ve been in middle school for so long,” she said. “I’ve spent that last three years here, and it feels like I’ve grown up here. I’ve changed a lot [over the years] and I’m ready for high school.”

Jazmin said she is an avid athlete and is excited to take her game to a higher level of competition when she starts attending Abraham Lincoln High School next fall. She is a dedicated soccer player and is also planning to run track and cross country. Her sister, Maria, is a senior at A.L. and she was proud to watch her and the Lynx soccer team punch their ticket to the state soccer tournament Monday evening. She said it inspired her to do the same when she plays in high school. Jazmin wants to play soccer in college, so she knows she’ll have to train and work hard on the pitch every day to achieve her goals.

She has set some lofty goals for herself, but Jazmin is also ready to enjoy herself this summer before she starts the next chapter in her life. She hopes to travel to visit family, either in California near Sacramento or the Mexican state of Michoacán. Besides that, she said she just wants to hang out with her friends “as much as she can.”

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