Landon Leaders

Landon Leaders is itching to do some angling this summer.

Landon, 10, is a resident of Underwood, where he’s lived most of his life. He’s a fourth-grader at Underwood Elementary School, but not for long, as Tuesday will be his last full day of school for the year. It felt like summer break already, though, as Landon and his family took to Arrowhead Park in neighboring Neola Saturday afternoon for the annual kid’s fishing derby.

Landon said it was his first time fishing this year, but it certainly won’t be his last. He said he fished countless times last summer and is planning on doing the same this year. Landon said he gets his passion from his grandpa, Rob Leaders, who lives on a farm near his house. He said he and his brothers spend lots of time at their grandpa’s private pond to swim, boat and, you guessed it, fish. He said there are walleye, bluegill and catfish residing in the water. He proudly recalled catching a fat, 7-inch bluegill there last summer.

As he patiently watched his bobber at Arrowhead yesterday, Landon rattled off several bits of fishing wisdom passed down to him.

“When it’s sunny and you see shiny spots on the water, you want to fish around there because that’s where all the heat is,” he said.

He’ll be putting that piece of knowledge, and many more like it, to work this summer as he tries to reel in as many fish as he can.

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