Athena Arculeo

Athena Arculeo is ready for new experiences and working toward her future in college.

Arculeo, 18, is a Council Bluffs native and a senior at St. Albert High School. She’s a St. Albert lifer, having attended the school since her pre-k years. Wednesday was the last day she’d walk the halls as a student, as it was the final day for seniors ahead of graduation on Sunday. Reflecting on her time at the school, Arculeo said she’s going to miss the place that was such a big part of her life.

“It’s going to be a little sad,” she said. “[St. Albert] has been like a second home to me. But I’m glad to be able to move on and do bigger things with my future.”

Arculeo said she is eager to cross the stage and receive her diploma this weekend. She is ready to celebrate her accomplishments and look ahead to the future.

“I’m kind of excited for it,” she said. “It will feel like a big weight off my shoulders, but then another one’s going to come with college. But I think I’m ready for it.”

Arculeo will attend Iowa State University in the fall, where she will study sports medicine. She was an avid athlete in high school, running cross country and playing both club and varsity soccer, and she said she wants to be involved in athletics for a career.

Arculeo said she is both excited and nervous about moving away from home, but she said there are a handful of fellow graduates going to Iowa State with her. She said she’ll always have a car ready for them to come visit home with her.

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