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Erin Sheldon

Erin Sheldon is a registered nurse in the Emergency Department who went on to attain her bachelor of science in nursing degree. She has been with CHI Health Mercy for 11 years.

Sheldon decided to go into healthcare because she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, just like the nurses did for her when she was young and in the hospital.

“It was simply my calling to take care of other people; it’s what I do best,” she said.

Sheldon said the most rewarding thing about working at Mercy is the “home-like environment, the awesome people that I work with and as always, making a difference in someone else’s life.”

“I love being a nurse in the ER because I actually have a blast (most days),” she said. “I laugh with people, cry with people, get dramatic with people, listen to beautiful stories from the elderly, and get to see crazy, awesome wounds and lacerations.

I get to take care of people of every age and make a difference in their life, even if very minimal and even if for only a moment.”

Sheldon’s favorite medical acronym is: Clouds Over Grass, Smoke Over Fire, Brown is Ground in the Middle.

She is from a small Iowa town and loves it. She loves the outdoors and anything involving water sports. She coaches her children’s swim team every summer. She has four beautiful children that are her entire world and is a proud mom, commenting — they are smart, athletic and are truly good people with huge hearts.

Sheldon also loves animals and has dog named Carlos; lots of cats — due to fostering some for the flood victims in her area — a tortoise and a Guinea pig.

“Life is pretty darn good,” she said.

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