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Traci Lamb

Traci Lamb is a RN unit supervisor at McDermott-Behavioral Health Department and has been with CHI Health Mercy for more than two years.

Lamb had the opportunity to go back to school when the manufacturing patient she worked at for many years closed. She had always enjoyed helping with first aid at the plant and was tired of accounting, so decided to attend nursing school.

She said the most rewarding part of being a nurse at Mercy is “the opportunity to be part of a team who serves a population of patients who look to us for care, comfort and advocacy.”

“The Sisters who founded our hospital understood the need for mental health care, and we are fortunate that the leadership of Mercy and CHI all continue to support their mission,” she said

Lamb’s favorite quote is from her best friend who gave her a mug that says — “Life is all about how you handle Plan B.”

“I believe I ended up exactly where I was supposed to be — it just took a winding path to get there,” she said. “I try to share that philosophy with patients and families who are facing a new diagnosis. Their lives might not be as they originally planned, but sometimes Plan B is even better?”

Lamb lives in a small Iowa town with her husband, Phillip. They have two “wonderful” grown daughters. She loves to read, travel and cook. Lamb said she is happiest when hosting a dinner party for a big group of family and friends. She started riding a bicycle about 10 years ago and looks forward to riding at least one or two days of RAGBRAI again this year.

“Iowa is a beautiful state when you see it from a bike seat,” she said.

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