Cindy Seier

Cindy Seier

Cindy Seier is a medical dosimetrist at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital. She has worked at the hospital for over five years in the Radiation Oncology Department.

Seier is a mother of four daughters, has four son-in-laws and 10 grandchildren who bring much joy to her life. However, her family is much larger then that.

“For the past 11 years I have been a host mother for international students attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha,” Seier said. “As of now, I have more than forty international sons and daughters from around the world. This has not only taught me about other cultures around the world, but given me the opportunity to travel to their countries.”

Seier participates in many area events that help promote breast cancer awareness.

“Breast cancer awareness is very important to me, as I am a breast cancer survivor of 23 years,” Seier said. “I firmly believe in yearly physicals with your physician, being aware of any changes in your body, getting mammograms when your physician recommends them, and being physically active with exercise.

“All of these factors will help keep us healthier and enable us to live a longer life. Being a breast cancer survivor has allowed me to help other women, who have the same diagnosis to understand and feel more at ease as they undergo the appropriate treatment recommended by their physicians.”

Your support of the citywide Pink Out activities and fundraising events during October help make it possible for the MJEH Breast Health Center to continue its important work.

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