Elyzabeth Jacobs

As a business teacher, Elyzabeth Jacobs wants to give her students a wealth of fiscal knowledge.

Jacobs is an Underwood native. She graduated from Underwood High School in 2003 and later studied at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where she received her bachelor’s degree in business. She worked some accounting and payroll jobs for some time before realizing that she wanted to do more with her knowledge.

Jacobs went back to UNO, where she took part in the Teacher Academy Program, a one-year certification program where candidates can earn teaching certificates in the area of their undergraduate studies.

Jacobs spent last year working as a paraeducator at Thomas Jefferson High School. She is at St. Albert Catholic Schools now, where she just started her first official teaching job this fall.

Jacobs said she was a little nervous heading into her first year of teaching on her own, but she said that spending the summer as a co-coach of the school’s cheerleading team helped her get used to the people and surroundings at St. Albert.

“Everyone has been so, so helpful,” she said. “It’s made my transition so much easier.”

From accounting to thinking ahead to student loans, Jacobs said her role as a business teacher is to make her students as financially literate as possible before they head out to college and adult life. She said it’s important that kids be aware of various financial situations.

“I’m a huge advocate of starting [financial education] as soon as possible,” she said. “Knowledge is power, and the more (that) you know, whether it be about your credit score or what goes into a student loan, can help you out in the long run.”

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