Sept. 7 Face of the Day

Nevin Aljaddou

Nevin Aljaddou is not a frequent visitor to Council Bluffs. When he does visit, he can be found easing his mind over the Council Bluffs-Omaha skyline and enjoying the nature that surrounds the city.

Aljaddou is an avid video game player who also likes to dance, skateboard and make gains toward an active lifestyle. Although he works for Nebraska Machine Parts, Aljaddou’s commitment to a fit lifestyle extends to people who seek his help in achieving their own goals. He said one day he wants to become a fitness trainer and that he enjoys helping others.

Aljaddou said fitness is one of the most important things in his life because everything he does revolves around it. Aljaddou used to live in Council Bluffs at one point in his life, but moved to Omaha with his family years ago.

If Aljaddou isn’t watching over the skyline, you might see him with friends skating at one of the city’s parks.

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