Taylor Honig

Taylor Honig has one year of high school left, and she wants to leave a legacy of kindness before she graduates.

Honig, 17, is a Council Bluffs native. She attended Franklin Elementary School and Wilson Middle School before arriving at Thomas Jefferson High School, where she is currently a senior.

Honig is busy outside the classroom, serving as the senior class president on the student council. She’s also working on her media chops, working as a producer for Swarm TV at T.J. It takes a lot of work, but Honig said that being involved has made her high school experience much more rewarding.

“Being involved, going to games and being a part of everything has made the experience so much better,” she said.

Honig is also a member of several school clubs. One of which is the school’s #BeeKind club, a Yellowjacket twist on the #BeKind movement that has made its way across the metro area. The club, consisting of about 30 students across all four grade levels, plans activities and promotes random acts of kindness between students to promote a more welcoming environment.

“We’re just trying to create a more positive vibe at our school,” she said. “We want people to want to come to school.”

Honig is undecided on her college destination, but is leaning toward being close to home and attending the University of Iowa. She isn’t quite sure what she wants to study, but her broadcasting experience at T.J. has her interested in journalism.

With one year of high school left, Taylor Honig wants to make it count for herself and her peers.

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