Anna Helton

You might be able to find a Helton in any St. Albert Middle School eighth-grade classroom at any time, including Anna Helton.

Helton, 13, is part of a 10-sibling family. What’s more, she and her two youngest brothers are triplets. Helton and her twin brothers, John and David, were born in Kansas, but their family moved to Council Bluffs when they were about 3 months old.

Helton agreed that she has an interesting family dynamic. She said it’s been fun growing up as a triplet.

“You always have someone to cover for you,” she said with a laugh. “Or you can always blame something on them.”

She also said that it’s nice growing up with two siblings the same age as her. They’re all experiencing many of the same things in life together, so she said it’s always nice to have each other’s backs.

Helton is active outside the classroom at St. Albert. She is a dedicated athlete, playing volleyball, basketball and soccer. She said she plans on continuing her athletic career in high school, and is set to join the softball team, as well. During her free time at St. Albert, Helton assists the front office staff with duties or tasks that they might have.

Hints of the fall season are in the air, and Helton is excited for the leaves to start turning colors. She said she is excited for her family’s tradition of hosting a Halloween party for her grade. Treats, a haunted house and a hayrack ride through a cemetery are in store for this fall classic.

The fall season is shaping up to be thrice as nice for the Helton triplets.

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