Let me qualify that statement. While others may believe their ancestors to be monkeys, or a caveman/cavewoman, I believe mine to have not only evolved physically, but spiritually from Adam and Eve.

However, when I first began to realize this truth I felt like I was a monkey doing weird and crazy things while jumping from one position to another. As I began to evolve spiritually, I took on a new look, evolving in my way of thinking about how God creates us in His image.

This is not a theory, as is the evolutionary one science believes, but it is based on truth, if you do your research—historically, physically and biblically.

Even though some evolutionists, or what is commonly called “theistic evolution,” believe the universe came into existence billions of years ago, a biblical believer, in how Genesis describes creation, sees our world and life on this planet being only thousands of years old.

So, I see evolutionary and theistic evolution thinking as undermining central biblical teachings by regarding the creation story as a myth, or an allegory, instead of seeing it and believing that it is historical.

But then atheist’s efforts are to confine God to their own scientific beliefs, in an attempt to undermine biblical doctrines, such as God’s incarnation through Jesus Christ.

All I need to read is the Bible, which gives evidence of the one and only true God, which only requires me to use simple reasoning and the personal experience of nature.

I’m glad I’ve had many opportunities from my youth (a farm kid), during my middle years (seeing so much of the world), and now in my later years (seeing so much more through modern technology) of God’s creation. And even though I have seen many who have exhibited monkey or caveman/woman-like behavior, I believe they have evolved into that state of behavior based on how they have created themselves — not how God planned their lives before they were born.

God is the creative source of all that exists; “in Him we live an move” — in Him we exist. For the Christian, evolution is the continuing creativity of God. In the beginning God created, but He continues to create. He creates in us awareness of who He is, what He has done and continues to do — such as giving scientists new discoveries.

Think about this — sin evolved to the point that God had to create a way to save us from ourselves. That was, in my opinion, the best use of His creative powers — our Messiah, our Savior and Redeemer. And now we get to experience the continuing evolution of God’s creation in eternity!

Oh, and by the way, thank you God for helping my faith to evolve to the point I no longer have to ask you foolish questions like “How?” or “Why?” I know you will add more to my knowledge later at Your eternal seminars.

— Contact Allen Stark at amsstark@msn.com.

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