September 11, 2001, was one of the most tragic days in the lives of Americans. As we remember the people who died during the terror and tragedy that attacked our hearts that day, we have also had to add to those memories more recent tragedies such as: the tsunami, which struck the countries along the Indian Ocean killing thousands; London’s own 9/11-type tragedy that brought terror to that city; and the Hurricane Katrina tragedy that touched the lives of all Americans in various ways; not to mention other catastrophic tragedies.

However, we also are aware of so many other tragedies worldwide involving shootings and stabbings in the past few years that have taken so many innocent lives.

As we look back at 9/11, and at current crises, one question may occur over and over in your mind, as it does mine: “Why do these tragedies keep occurring?”

In taking a look back, a belief was ripped from the minds of most Americans on 9/11 — the belief that America was invulnerable. That belief crumbled down along with the twisted iron and burnt remains of the Twin Towers and the section of the Pentagon. Immediately, there was a sense of fear that echoed around, not only in America, but also the world. When horrible tragedies occur the hearts and minds of people are also attacked.

Looking at 9/11, and other tragedies, from a faith-based perspective after that tragedy, more people seemed to turn to prayer. Church attendance skyrocketed — at least temporarily. People were looking for answers to their unanswered questions such as, “Where is God?” and “How could a loving God allow this?” And as the result of not getting what some people considered answers, church attendance began to drop again.

In looking at attendance, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, unless you’re a sports fan that attends sporting events regularly, but since 9/11 attendance at sporting events has soared. Movies, TV, and other forms of entertainment, although more decadent and perverted, also seem to have a greater control over people’s lives. Why is this? The way I see it is because people are trying to escape into sports and entertainment in order to anesthetize the pain and not have to deal with the reality of life. Although it’s called, “reality TV,” it is reality they’re escaping from.

As a Christian, it is my belief that as we move deeper into what many of us believe are the “end times,” we are going to experience both the best and worst of times — the worst coming first. Tragically, the innocent will also suffer with the guilty. The world in which we now live is a mess.

I believe there are many lessons to be learned from tragedies such as 9/11. This past winter, what has also been referred to as “sprinter,” our streets and roads were left with many potholes, causing vehicles to need realignment. I believe this nation needs realignment. I believe that America, as well as the entire world needs to be realigned.

What are some of the things God’s people should be doing to prepare for times of tragedy?

1. Ask God to build a shield of faith around us.

2. Ask God to help us not lean on our own understanding. We are entering into a supernatural time where we will see more and more evidence that God is in control.

3. In the midst of tragedy let God show us areas that need change. Ask him to strengthen us so as not to allow the enemy to have control of our hearts and minds.

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