Some are saying that we should rename the month of March, and even part of April, “Sprinter.” Because of what I’ve experienced this March through April, I am inclined to agree. The time between winter and spring this year has been very different, with even a temperature in the 70s back in the middle of February.

I mean, doesn’t the calendar say spring begins on March 20? However, I am aware that most of us who plant some kind of garden don’t begin spring until we are able to get outside and begin digging.

So did we need the month of March this year? Not really. I mean, all we seemed to be doing was complaining that we weren’t able to get outside and do much because it was Sprinter.

And due to a family member having to deal with a bipolar problem, and being able to understand what that is, it seemed that March through a good part of April had to deal with bipolar disorder. I mean, I noticed some unusual shifts in moods, energy, activity levels and the inability to carry out certain day-to-day tasks. There were most certainly clear changes taking place from week to week, not only in the weather, but also in people’s lives.

And this Sprinter, it seemed that our Hispanic friends — El Nino and La Nina — came visiting at different places.

Glad they didn’t overstay their welcome in some of the places they visited.

So if we are going to have a season called Sprinter, we need to get used to the idea that we could have light to heavy wet snow, thunderstorms and tornados. I’m aware, coming from a farming family, that snow during Sprinter can be good for plants. Snow can provide insulation from cold Sprinter air, and it provides moisture for growth when warm weather finally arrives.

If we are going to include Sprinter as a season, I would suggest that the meteorologists show it for at least six to eight weeks, beginning the first week in March.

I noticed this Sprinter that more birds of several varieties were hanging out in our backyard because I would shave corn off of the cobs every few days. I also noticed that the males seemed to be having more choices of mating partners as they also vied for the corn. Some of them would fly off and return in a few moments to get more corn. Perhaps they were putting it in storage for future Sprinters.

There is at least one good thing about Sprinter. And that is, we haven’t noticed as many bugs and those small little black worms that seem to invade our basement.

Well, while this year’s Sprinter lived up to its name, it seemed to actually be a very slow-paced season that kept me in my snowshoes. So, I am getting out my running shoes and getting ready to put them on and take off down the hiking trails, where I hopefully will be able to sprint through at least the next two seasons.

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