Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Catholic Parish members and Nelson-Hill Contracting break ground for the addition of a new meeting and office space in the church’s parking lot on 3304 Fourth Ave.

A five-year capital campaign to raise money for an addition to Corpus Christi Catholic Parish at the Queen of Apostles location on 304 Fourth Ave. is now complete and pending construction.

Parish members and Nelson-Hill Contracting celebrated with golden shovels at the groundbreaking ceremony Sunday. A collective donation of $496,000 was saved for the new 2,400 square foot meeting space and light renovation to the former rectory.

The new Corpus Christi Parish Center will be built adjacent to the former rector’s house in the parking lot of the church. The new building is a separate structure, yet effectively connected by door or walkway, said Kevin Cox, parish manager.

“The center will have three meeting rooms, two that hold 20 people each and one that holds 30 to 45 people,” Cox said. “We have a bigger social hall, but we needed a smaller one for educational purposes, groups and events.”

The addition should be completed before Thanksgiving, Cox said.

“The former rectory will have slight renovations done — cosmetic upgrades, new carpet and fresh paint. The structure won’t change at all, we’re just fixing it up,” Cox said.

In 2011, churches Queen of Apostles, 3304 Fourth Ave., Holy Family, 2217 Ave. B, and Our Lady of Carter Lake, 3501 N. Ninth St. in Carter Lake, merged under the name Corpus Christi Parish.

“When we merged, it took a few years to plan our capital campaign,” the Rev. Thomas Thakadipuram said. “Now we have 1,500 in our register, one of the biggest churches in Council Bluffs.”

After construction is completed, Corpus Christi Parish plans to have another ceremony or ribbon cutting, Cox said.

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