Arthur Sargent Hazelton was born in Plymouth, New Hampshire, on Nov. 7, 1855 – the youngest of the four children of Charles and Sarah (Sargent) Hazelton. Charles and Sarah were born in New Hampshire and were of English descent.

Arthur Hazelton attended Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, New Hampshire, and entered Dartmouth College in 1877, graduating in 1881. He became a student in the law office of Blair, Burling & Adams – Blair being the Hon. Henry W. Blair, United States senator from New Hampshire. He continued his studies of the law at Boston University and Columbia Law School in New York City.

“He paid his own way through college and, while pursuing his law course in New York, taught school in the mornings in order to meet his expenses and attended lectures in the afternoons,” according to H.H. Field in “History of Pottawattamie County.”

Hazelton came to Council Bluffs in 1884 and became principal of the high school for one year. As he was required to study law for one year in Iowa before he could begin to practice, he entered the office of Jacob Sims. On April 6, 1886, he was admitted to the bar and, one month later, he became a member in the firm of Mayne & Hazelton.

Emma Higham was born in 1858 in Keokuk, the daughter of Abel Higham and Anna Pierce Easton. Abel Higham came from an English Quaker family and emigrated at an early age from Bolton, England. He settled in Philadelphia, where he married Anna Pierce Eaton, whose family is descended from Francis Eaton of Mayflower fame, Abraham Pierce of Plymouth Colony and was connected with many of the most prominent families of Colonial times, according to her biography.

In 1851, Mr. and Mrs. Higham settled in Keokuk, where they made their permanent home. Their oldest son, Richard Higham, became a close friend of Mark Twain as a boy. He was the only soldier killed at the battle of Fort Donaldson, in Company A, Second Iowa Regiment.

Emma Higham and Arthur Hazelton were married in Keokuk on May 16, 1888. They had two sons, Charles Sargent and Paul Higham.

Arthur Hazelton was affiliated with the Masons, Bluff City Lodge, and was an active member of the Republican Party. He served as city attorney from 1892 until 1898 and as state senator for four years. He resigned that position in 1892 in order to accept the appointment of postmaster by President William McKinley. He was re-appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

Emma was a member of social and literary clubs, and a member of the Council Bluffs Chapter of the D.A.R. Her biography states she “has traveled extensively in her own country, is deeply interested in public affairs, but is not an advocate of woman suffrage.”

The Queen Anne house at 408 Oakland Ave. was built circa 1890 for attorney A.W. Askwith. Courthouse records show that A.S. Hazelton purchased the property in 1901. A photograph of Emma Hazelton and members of the Women’s Auxiliary, European War 1914-1918, shows the original wrap-around porch, which was removed in a later remodeling.

The two-story house has a hipped roof with cross-gabled ells and dormers; narrow clapboard siding on the first floor; three types of decorative shingle siding on the second floor and gable ends; and decorative woodwork details. The pedimented portico porch over the front entry is supported by full-height round columns. (The original porch wrapped around the front and south side, as shown in the photograph). There are rounded bay windows on the sides, and some of the windows are original - including a cottage window with header. (Nomination of the Lincoln/Fairview district to the National Register of Historic Places).

Emma and Arthur Hazelton were members of the First Congregational Church. Emma died in 1918, Arthur in 1924. Services were held at the home of his brother, Henry W. Hazelton, at 534 Oakland Ave. (Henry Hazelton was assistant cashier at Council Bluffs Savings Bank). The Hazeltons are buried in Fairview Cemetery.

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