Candace Sutter will present a concert Feb. 14.

On Valentine’s Day, Christian music artist Candace Sutter will perform in concert “Sharing the Love of Jesus” at 7:30 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church, 2100 S. 11th St.

“What better day than Valentine’s Day to share his love with the world,” Sutter said.

Sutter has 14 original songs planned — including a few she will debut — focusing on praise and worship. Songs will be performed either acoustically, with the live band or her album track.

Local musicians will make up her band that night, including: Jackie Reinders on bass guitar; Wesley Smith on lead guitar; Steve Lehr on fiddle; Nyle Smith on drums; Tarah Schoell on flute; Katie Ramos on keyboard and aux perc; as well as Shari Porter; Mari Frizzell; Marcy Day and Sue Hooper as back up vocalists.

“I’m always writing new music with fun selections and always worshipful,” she said. “I’ll be releasing four new songs that day.”

A formal dinner will be offered beforehand at 6 p.m. Meals for adults are $16, and $8 for anyone 10 and younger.

Food for adults will include a romaine starter salad, lemon pepper chicken, seasoned company potatoes, green beans, dinner roll and dessert. Children will be offered an optional salad, chicken nuggets, creamy homemade macaroni and cheese, green beans, a dinner roll and dessert.

Reservations for the formal dinner are due by Feb. 9 as seating is limited. To make a reservation call the church office at 712-323-6445.

The concert is free and open for the public to attend.

“I love to do concerts and focus on the work of Jesus,” Sutter said.

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