SOLAS is thrilled to let you know that our wish for a New Year’s home for Kinsley was successful! He was welcomed into his new family of several female cats who appeared happy to have an “alpha male” in the family.

Orangie (guess where he got his name) is a very fast paced hyper kitten who definitely has a “need for speed!”

Orangie needs a family with older children who will know how to play with him to burn off his extra energy. He’s definitely a true explorer who will gladly come to you when he’s ready for a bit of cuddling and then he’s off again on another adventure. Orangie is current on all vaccinations and is also microchipped.

Sundance and Cassidy were born last April. They were a bit wild and were initially taken to MHS. They were then surrendered to SOLAS for socializing and extra attention. These little darlings were not quite as sure that they wanted to give up their “wild ways.” They have both grown into affectionate, playful and clever young cats.

Purrsonality wise, Sundance is more bold and he wants all the attention that he can get. Cassidy is far more reserved and watches and waits to see what Sundance does next. They could be adopted separately — but they really like each other and have remained “play pals” and “comfort companions.” They are currently available for adoption at PetSmart in Council Bluffs.

SOLAS is once again sponsoring our Low Cost Vaccination & Microchip Clinic on Feb. 8 at Bomgaars, 2703 E. Kanesville Blvd. (formerly K-Mart) in Council Bluffs.

Dr. Barb Lee from Valley View Vet Clinic will administer the vaccinations. The cost is $10 for rabies vaccination. FVRCP, DHPP, leukemia, bordatella and leptospira are all $15. Payment by cash or check only. No credit cards accepted.

SOLAS will also be microchipping cats and dogs for $25 which also includes registration with AVID.

For your pet’s safety, please do not put them in the shopping carts at Bomgaars.

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